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Personal Tax Matters

For clients able to visit our office in person we are more than happy to prepare your tax return ‘while you wait’, and we set out quite clearly our estimate of tax payable or expected refund.

We have ample free client parking, and are just a block away from Toowoomba’s main Grand Central shopping centre.

Tradies in particular seem to enjoy this drive-in service.

For those taxpayers with rental properties we will prepare all the necessary schedules in the manner required by the ATO.

We offer a service to individual taxpayers that we believe is personal, convenient and cost–effective.

Our staff make a big effort to look after the small end of town, and we gain most of our new clients via word-of-mouth.

We get a lot of enquiry from aussie ‘ex-pats’ working overseas, many of whom have not lodged Australian tax returns for several years. Because we regularly deal with complex residency issues we will be able to assist – just email us to discuss your situation. There are also many clients in remote and regional areas of Australia that simply email their information in to us from year to year.

Skype is also available for virtual meetings.

What could be more convenient than that?