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Our goal is always to improve the bottom line and net wealth of our clients by offering user-friendly reports and advice on a timely basis, having given due consideration to all relevant legislation and professional standards. We focus on the future, not just the past.

Compliance Accounting

We offer the full range of services typically offered by accounting firms in order for small business and personal taxpayers to meet their legal obligations.

As a minimum, for business entities we prepare annual financial statements and income tax returns that are required by the Australian Taxation Office. The banks also usually require an annual review of financial statements to continue funding arrangements.

Some clients like us to attend to their BAS returns each quarter whilst others prefer to attend to that aspect themselves.

Apart from general income tax and GST matters, we assist clients with capital gains tax, payroll tax, PAYG, land tax, FBT, superannuation, workers compensation, BSA, company secretarial and trust account audit matters on a regular basis.

We are also experienced at negotiating payment arrangements with the ATO for those clients who have experienced cashflow difficulties. Although tax commitments can be often be challenging, we always maintain it is better to be upfront with the ATO and come to a workable solution rather than ignore the problem altogether. Some great outcomes have been achieved.

About Higgins Wood and Associates

Higgins Wood & Associates has operated as an independent professional CPA firm in Toowoomba since 1982, proudly serving an exceptional group of clients in the SME sector, including retail, automotive, primary production, legal, medical, service and manufacturing industries. Although we are small business specialists we also handle work for micro-businesses, individual taxpayers, investors and self-funded retirees with a particular focus on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

We do not only help with tax advice, through our financial planning affiliation with Bantacs Financial Solutions  a pathway to your financial future will be plotted. 

About Higgins Wood and Associates